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The Chequers Inn dates back to the early 1600s and is one of the oldest traditional pubs in Yorkshire and England. Over the years very little has changed and many of the traditional Yorkshire pub features are still in use. Low beams, alcove rooms, roaring open fires and trinkets collected throughout the pub’s rich history all add to its unique atmosphere and character.

Until recently, The Chequers Inn was one of the only pubs in England to only have a 6 day license and for 180 years was been closed every Sunday. The pub was originally shut by the Lady of the Manor following an incident when a lady was verbally assaulted whilst passing by the pub in her carriage on the way back from church. It was reported that some drunken farmworkers accosted her, causing such uproar that the building was ordered to be closed to adhere to the holy day of rest.

On a number of occasions, staff and customers have claimed to have seen the ghost of The Lady of the Manor who is rumoured to still haunt the pub – spooky!

Ledsham is home to the oldest parish church in Yorkshire still in use. Built over 1200 years ago (670AD) it stands as not only the oldest church but also the oldest building in West Yorkshire. For more information visit The Parish of Fairburn & Ledsham’s website.

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